Is it pure coincidence that when Ariana Grande proclaimed she “hates America,” singer Demi Lovato replaced her in a concert and sand, “Made in the USA?” Lovato also asked the audience during her Saturday night MLB All-Star Game concert in Cincinnati if they are “proud to be an American.”

There is speculation in the media Lovato dissed Grande's doughnut-licking episode where she said, “I hate America/Americans.” Grande was scheduled to perform at the Saturday night concert but she canceled her tour at the last minute blaming wisdom-tooth removal surgery.

MTV News reported it is not normal for Lovato to sing “Made in the USA” track during her concerts, yet the singer chose to do so. Many people looked confused when the singer started belting out the lyrics of the song. “I know it’s a little late but I didn’t get to sing this on the Fourth of July,” Lovato told the crowd before playing her 2013 song, the website said. The singer was dressed in red, white and blue for her patriortic performance.

“But how many of you guys are proud to be an American?” the singer asked the audience before the song. Many Twitter users felt the singer dissed Grande with her performance. “When Demi is proud to be an American! Ariana should take some notes,” Twitter user Emma Fulmer wrote.

However, Lovato cleared up the rumors Sunday saying she was singing “Cool for the Summer” instead of “Made in the USA” July 4. “No shade - stop the bulls---,” the singer added on Twitter. “Also - I always ask that when I sing that song. Can't yall let a girl shine for one night? Smh,” Lovato said about asking her audience the question before the song.