It’s been nearly a decade since Wilmer Valderrama's Fox hit “That '70s” show finished its run, but it doesn’t mean he has forgotten about his beloved character, Fez. In fact, he conjured Fez’s humor when he poked fun at girlfriend Demi Lovato on Instagram Thursday.

Valderrama, 35, joked that Lovato, 22, imitated him in her new video for her summertime hit, “Cool for the Summer.” He took a picture of her in a tight one-piece and then placed it next to a picture of Fez wearing a similar outfit. “Imitation is the highest form of flattery,” he captioned the image. “Thank you Demi.”

Just in case it wasn’t apparent enough, the “From Dusk Till Dawn” star added a bunch of smiley faces. He also wrote various hashtags like, #FezGotThatSauce, #Yonce, #VictoriaSecret, #vogue, #sorrynotsorry and #iGotItFromMyMomma. The picture received more than 32,500 likes and hundreds of comments from his 722,000 followers in the first hour is was posted.

In a most supportive post, Valderrama shared his adoration for his girlfriend. “This woman is on a mission. Complete evolution! I am so happy I get to be here when she took herself to a WHOLE new level! Demi, you are exactly where you are suppose to be,” he said. Then the actor promoted her new song: “Everyone go watch her video and see what I'm talking about!!#CoolForTheSummer video OUT now!!”

Lovato wasn’t offended by the side-by-side photo and posted the same picture to her account. “The couple who slays together ... STAYS TOGETHER,” she said. With a bigger fan base, Lovato had nearly 50,000 likes from her 19.3 million followers in the first 10 minutes the photo was posted to her personal Instagram page.

Check out “Cool for the Summer” below:

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