While Demi Moore and husband Ashton Kutcher have yet to publicly comment on their relationship since Tuesday's report of a possible split and cheating scandal, details of the rumored break-up have continued to surface.

The latest is Kutcher's alleged sex addict issues, a source told the Chicago Sun Times.

He won't agree to get help or any kind of counseling, the source added.

Tabloid paper Star also claims that the pair has been separated for a number of months but has remained quiet about the situation.

On Thursday, the first photo of Sara Leal began making the rounds. Leal is the 23-year-old blonde Kutcher reportedly had a fling with last weekend in San Diego - the same weekend that marked Kutcher's sixth wedding anniversary. Moore was in New York City to promote a film at the time.

Moore, 48, and Kutcher, 33, first began dating in 2003 and were married two years later in a private ceremony attended by Moore's ex-husband Bruce Willis.

I knew it had the potential to be something special right away . . . it was like meeting somebody that I've just known where you just recognize one another. It was so disproportionate, the level of emotion we were experiencing to the time we had spent together, Moore told Harper's Bazaar in March 2010.

As the world waits for the Hollywood couple to comment - or at least tweet - about the future of their relationship, here's a photo tribute to Moore and Kutcher, in happier times.