Oh Demi! When it rains it pours!

Now, on top of your unfortunate health issue over the last few days, this latest PR bombs goes off...Way back when you were 19, and just plain Demi Moore, who needed two names, here you are going blue at an innocent birthday party for a young costar back in your General Hospital days.

Now you are smeared all over the Internet, thanks to your devoted fans and the paparazzi gossip mongering press--always eager to pat you on the back, when you're already on your knees. So now...the video of you, the charming young, if somewhat wired Demi Moore, having a now infamous dinner a la General Hospital.

This was before your big breakout in St Elmo's Fire. And the many other films that established you as a star.

What is it about younger men? This passionate moment was between you, an older woman of 19 years, and your 15-year-old co-star Philip Tanzini, who seems to have taken the numerous, extended lip-locks in stride.

We know that you've said that you feel you can't be loved. But raving into the night and smooching with boys years younger, well that is just not putting your best foot forward, especially now that you are on the market again. And for what it's worth, who ever thought up that most unfortunate phrase?

So here is a bit of unasked for advice Ms. Demi Moore. Let's just say you're at liberty, as thespians have long described their time between jobs.

And why not just focus a bit on your career. You gave a smashing performance in Margin Call, after all. And starlets may fade, but true actresses never die...except, of course, when the script calls for it.