Demi Moore is back, and she's ready to tweet. After a humiliating downward spiral following her split from Ashton Kutcher -- which involved nitrous oxide, a public 911 call, rehab, emaciation, and (allegedly) hitting on her daughter's male friends -- Moore broke her Twitter silence on April 15 with a tweet that read, Testing... along with a photo of her favorite subject - herself. It was her first tweet since early January.

Not surprisingly, the former @mrskutcher is all 'love and light' on the social media site; recently tweeting a photo of a sunset over the ocean with the gag-inducing message: I saw a piece of heaven smile at me and was reminded it is not how much we do but the appreciation with which we do it!

Demi and Ashton were among the first celebrities to actively use Twitter for self-promotion -- until the fall of 2011, they were something of a tweeting team. In the immediate aftermath of their split, @mrskutcher had significiantly quieted down, but @aplusk continued to tweet away.

We at IBTimes have put our heads together and come up with a list of possible new Twitter handles for @mrskutcher.

In no particular order:







@mrskutcherLOL (to promote her upcoming movie, LOL)



And here are some random suggestions and comments from the Twitter peanut gallery:

Heard Demi Moore is looking for suggestions for a new twitter handle. @desperate4attention is available...or @whippet is always a good one.

Demi Moore's return to Twitter as @MrsKutcher is one of history's boldest achievements; no, wait, I'm thinking of St. Peter's Basilica.

@mrskutcher gonna go out on a limb about Demi Moore?

@mrskutcher how about @less-is-Moore

i vote for @nitrouslolz RT @mrskutcher: Time for a change, twitter name change... any suggestions?

Considering changing my twitter handle to @mrskutcher

Of course, to keep herself visible - which is clearly important to her -- Demi might want to think twice about changing her Twitter handle.  She has nearly five million followers as @mrskutcher, and her followers will continue to see her tweets if she changes her handle -- no matter what she changes it to. But if she does change it, if anyone tweets at @mrskutcher, it will just go to space, said John Talty, our resident Twitter expert here at IBTimes.

But what about searches? People searching for Demi Moore will still see her verified Twitter account in the results, along with imposters. Those searching for @mrskutcher will likely find her eventually, but it will take some extra steps.

It does depend in part what she changes her account to, our tweetmaster said. @exmrskutcher would have a different impact than just @demimoore or some other account.

(As it happens, a Twitter vulture has already scooped up @exmrskutcher.)

Interesting side note: Moore is currently following Lorene Scafaria, who is rumored to be dating Ashton. Scafaria is at the very top of Moore's (not very long) following list, indicating this is a very recent development. @mrskutcher is still following @aplusk.