Denarii Resources, Inc., a mineral resource exploration and development company that currently owns a 100 percent interest in the McNab Molybdenum property, recently announced that the company is finalizing the joint venture schedule for the Lota Bay Chile coal reclamation project.

Management also announced that the company has recently completed a proposal to obtain a private placement that will assist in expediting the time table. This funding will also be used to complete initial agreements to acquire precious metal (gold and silver) and strategic metal (palladium and rhodium) properties located in North, Central and South America.

Dennis Lorrig, president and chief executive officer of Denarii Resources, Inc., stated, “We at Denarii are very excited about the company’s opportunity to soon begin a cash flow operation in Chile.” Mr. Lorrig continued, “The resent increase in the price of coal makes the timing perfect. Our team of exploration geological advisers has identified a number of precious and strategic metal properties that look very favorable. This along with recent price increases of Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium and Rhodium make the future prospects for the company’s growth very solid.”