An inquest into the death of newsreader, Charmaine Dragun revealed the psychiatrist was not told about her suicidal thoughts, thus delaying the depression treatment by two weeks.

The Channel 10 employee had been on medication for depression for 10 years before her suicide in November 2007, the inquest heard.

Wai Mun Tang, the psychiatrist stated that she had a meeting with the 29-year-old about three weeks before her death, on a referral from a psychologist.

Dr Tang said that she was not informed of Ms Dragun's suicidal thoughts by the psychologist and thus saw her a fortnight after receiving the referral by phone.

She said, if she had known of the suicidal thoughts, she would have made sure that Ms Dragun immediately assessed or admitted to the hospital.

The inquest, however heard that at their first appointment, Ms Dragun told Dr Tang she had felt the urge to drive in front of a truck four days earlier, but she overcame it.

Dr Tang suspected Ms Dragun's depression had a biological component and changed her medication in order to stabilize her moods, Glebe Coroners Court heard.