As the rumors and wooing went down in the free-agent summer to remember, there was no shortage of talk surrounding superstar prize LeBron James.

The Cavaliers wanted to retain him, The Knicks and Nets wanted to lure him to the New York area. And the team that ultimately landed him was Miami.

But on James's short list was also the Chicago Bulls.

The Bulls believed they were in the running for the superstar small forward, but knew that other teams were making their cases, as well.

Finally, news has surfaced as to the communication James had with star guard Derrick Rose.

Revealling the content of a text message he sent to James, according to Sports Illustrated, Rose cleared the air about the communication the two had with James.

The text read: I'm just hitting you up to kill all the rumors that I don't want to play with you. I'd like to play with you. I just want to win.

Apparently, there may have been some questions as to whether Rose wanted to share the same court with James.

According to Reggie Rose, Derrick's brother, the Bulls point guard was interested in playing for a team on the rise.

He always told me he didn't want to be on one of those stacked teams, Reggie Rose told Sports Illustrated. He wanted to be with an underdog. 

While James moved on to a team with two stars in Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh, Rose has found his success with lesser-name players, but is still succeeding. The Bulls have one of the best records in the Eastern Conference.

There is speculation that Rose may win the Most Valuable Player award this season.