Derycz Scientific Inc., a company providing a unique way of facilitating information flow from content publishers to enterprise customers and their constituents, today announced that its subsidiary Reprints Desk Inc. has signed an agreement with Pubget Inc. in which Reprints will become the exclusive corporate distributor for Pubget’s PaperStats™ product.

PaperStats is a content-spend analytics tool designed to save organizations time and money by automating the aggregation, updating and analysis of journal holdings and content data. In other words, corporate information centers can use PaperStats to analyze usage and spending across subscriptions and document delivery to improve collection management and decision-making in support of scientific research.

Pubget said its PaperStats product is currently used at dozens of organizations worldwide, including University of Southern California (USC) and in libraries at several of the ten largest pharmaceutical companies.

Derycz Scientific noted the importance of the bibliometric analysis in purchasing.

“Reprints Desk is pleased to introduce PaperStats to corporations worldwide and deliver yet another simple solution to a complex and costly information industry challenge,” Scott Ahlberg, head of Corporate Services at Derycz Scientific stated in the press release. “Usage-based bibliometric analysis is becoming an important part of purchasing decisions.”

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