Derycz Scientific Inc. develops companies, products, services and systems that facilitate the re-use of published content to assist organizations achieve their marketing, communication and research goals effectively while complying with copyright law and regulatory rules. The company today announced it has completed its acquisition of Techniques Appliquees aux Arts Graphiques, S.p.A. (TAAG), which gives Derycz a physical presence in Europe.

Derycz CEO Peter Derycz said the acquisition will allow Derycz to provide global customers with information logistics to support sales and other related activities.

“This acquisition significantly advances our global strategy of integrating digital information and logistics capabilities – a strategy we deployed in the U.S. and one that has proven highly successful for industry leaders such as Amazon and Netflix,” Derycz stated in the press release. “This integration clearly differentiates Derycz among aggregators of scientific journal content and positions us to aggressively capture market share. We have improved our ability to fulfill the growing demand by global life science companies for evidence-based material for use in their communications and marketing, as well as improve the infrastructure we make available to the scientific publishing community.”

TAAG recorded unaudited revenues of approximately $13 million for its fiscal year ended December 31, 2010. Derycz said it expects TAAG revenues to generate a more than 50 percent increase to Derycz’s consolidated revenues, assuming TAAG revenues remain consistent with the prior year’s revenue or increase. If TAAG performs as such, or increases its revenues in 2011, Derycz said it believes that this acquisition will be immediately accretive to its EBITDA and will have a positive impact on gross margin.

TAAG is headquartered in and has a production facility in Grigny, outside Paris, as well as has an off-site storage and distribution center in Douai in northern France. TAAG offers printing, distribution and information logistics services, and specializes in core competencies in the professional production and distribution of clinical trial kits and reprints of peer-reviewed journal articles for the life sciences industry.

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