One company that is starting to capture the attention of investors is Derycz Scientific, Inc. Located in Santa Monica, California, Derycz Scientific and their subsidiaries develop companies, products, services and systems that facilitate the re-use of published content in a manner that helps organizations achieve their marketing goals. Today, Derycz Scientific CEO and Chairman Peter Derycz spoke of how the pharmaceutical sales representatives themselves play an important role in the success of his company.

The article written by Mr. Derycz in the prestigious magazine “Pharmaceutical Representative” has earned recognition throughout the sector. In the article, Derycz notes that pharmaceutical sales representatives who wish to enhance their careers and forge better relationships with their doctors can do so by harnessing new and innovative ways of procuring and sharing information about the products they sell.

In the article, Derycz writes, “In the age of technology, it has become more important than ever for the rep to go above and beyond with physicians. Although many reps do not have a technical background, enough information can be gleaned from reading peer-reviewed papers to make this a worthwhile endeavor, and one guaranteed both to impress one’s physicians and to offer them information that they might not have learned on their own.”

This is an important moment for Derycz Scientific, Inc. because “Pharmaceutical Representative” has been recognized as a unique educational resource for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies for 40 years. This article provides this up-and-coming corporation an added amount of credibility that could earn them more respect among investors and potential clients.

Currently, Derycz Scientific, Inc. is trading in the $0.95 range. With an array of positive products and services in their pipeline and a leader such as Peter Derycz at the helm, Derycz Scientific is a company that investors may want to conduct further research.

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