Derycz Scientific, has built a strong reputation for facilitating compliant re-use of published content that helps companies achieve their marketing, communications and research objectives; announcing today, July 22, that wholly-owned subsidiary, Reprints Desk, Inc. has signed a key distribution agreement with the ABA (American Bar Association), allowing for sourcing from and delivery of ABA journal articles.

Head of Publisher Relations at DYSC, Jan Peterson, underscored the vast new sales channel this agreement opens up for the Company and noted that the dissemination of vital, timely legal information would be greatly enhanced thereby.

More importantly than broadening the massive and continually growing list of journals to which DYSC has access, this move will super-charge the Company’s already top-rated document service. DYSC has effectively made the service much more powerful for law librarians and legal firms doing time-sensitive/research-intensive work, like fulfilling in-house counsel to life science’s companies, or rigorous IP protection, technology licensing and transfer, or working with patents.

Peterson defined the bottom line, fast turnaround time on orders for article document delivery and characterized the massive ABA publication library, which consists of over 20 scholarly journals, as having essential, high-value content. Several ABA scholarly journals, like The Health Lawyer and The Tax Lawyer, focus keenly on tort reform and mental health issues. Collectively this library of content represents an ideal tool for professional development and obtaining a much more in-depth understanding of the law.

Reprints Desk offers user-friendly and intuitive online ordering with electronic delivery for single copies of peer-reviewed journal content and intends to exhibit at the upcoming 2011 American Association of Law Libraries Annual Meeting and Conference, this July 23-26, in Philadelphia, PA.

By constituting a one-stop shop for reprints, ePrints and one-off’s of articles, Reprints Desk has rapidly become a force to be reckoned with in the global document delivery area, delivering millions of articles worldwide. Copyright-compliant oversight and constant innovation along vectors like ease of use for the end user have resulted in a services envelope that legal professionals have come to respect and trust.

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