Dove Cameron is throwing herself into her work following a very public split from fiancé Ryan McCartan. The ‘Descendants 2” star has been spending much of her days on set and it appears it’s taking a toll on her body.

Cameron took to Twitter to address the split and show off her “battle wounds” from filming the highly anticipated Disney made-for-TV movie. The 20-year-old thanked fans for being there for her during a “very intense & human time.” Although she and McCartan are no longer together, Cameron insisted that they still love one another very much. She then showcased a blister on her hand and a bandaged ankle, joking that her passion one the set was manifesting in physical form.

News of Cameron and McCartan’s split broke Wednesday. E! News confirmed that the two had decided — nearly six months after getting engaged — to go their separate ways. McCartan later revealed that it was Cameron’s decision to break off the engagement as she had “decided this relationship isn’t what she wants.” Much like Cameron, he insisted that there was still a lot of “love” between them, asking that fans “be sensitive.”

McCartan previously opened up about their attempts at wedding planning, telling E! in September that both were “so busy.” He noted that because of their age they were in no rush to jump into wedding planning. McCartan gave no indication at the time that there was trouble, but said that their wedding would take place whenever it was meant to.

“I mean, we’re infants — we’re children — so we have a lot of time to plan and get it done, and it’ll happen when it’s supposed to,” he said.

Cameron and McCartan got engaged in April, making the announcement on Instagram. The “Rocky Horror Picture Show” actor shared a photo on Instagram, referring to Cameron as his “fiancée.” He added that he was thankful to be able to give her that title and thanking her for accepting his proposal. At the time, Cameron and McCartan had been dating since 2013.

“Descendants 2” is slated for release in 2017.