New Jersey Nets guard DeShawn Stevenson made waves earlier this week when he posted a picture of himself on Instagram that displayed an ATM in his kitchen.

The social media world exploded with many incredulously asking themselves whether Stevenson actually has a working ATM in his kitchen.

It turns out Stevenson does in fact have an ATM and that he got the idea from reality television star Rob Dyrdek, according to TMZ.

Stevenson told TMZ that he paid $3,500 for the machine and its primary use is for his NBA buddies to take out some last minute cash withdrawals before going out.

The best part about the machine is that he charges his buddies a few for using it - a steep $4.50 surcharge to be exact.

Stevenson, who won a NBA title with the Dallas Mavericks last season, says that the machine holds $20,000 in cash and that he refills it about four to six times a year.

I like doing things that aren't normal and it's cool to have, he said.

Not a shock coming from a guy that has an Abraham Lincoln tattoo on his neck.