The second Twitch livestream for “Destiny” has revealed a number of new features coming to The Taken King expansion. This time, developer Bungie zones in on the new subclasses that will be making a debut.

Fans already know the three subclasses: the Titan’s Sunbreaker, the Warlock’s Stormcaller and the Hunter’s Nightstalker. The livestream also mentioned skill trees for the subclasses.

Some of the features that Bungie had revealed during the livestream include the Shield Brothers Valus Mau’aul and Valus Thu’urn, as well as the Dreadnaught map and missions.

Dreadnaught takes the center stage during the commentary, with “Destiny” Design Lead James Tsai and Bungie Community Manager David “DeeJ” Dague, providing more information on what will happen in the strike. According to Polygon, the Hive will feature the invasion of the Cabal.

Guardians, who will gather in the Hive ship, will have to battle it out with the two Cabal commanders, the Shield Brothers, and effectively defeat them. Compared to other strikes, it appears that Shield Brothers add something extra to define the game from past playthroughs. This way, players will not feel like the encounters are déjà vu of previous gameplays.

“We wanted to make that experience less static,” Tsai said in the livestream as quoted by Polygon. “All the strikes now have several combat setups.”

The bosses are also expected to bring more dynamics to the game. Instead of being merely last stage and bullet-sponge enemies, the last bosses will now have more variation, possibly hinting at more strategies in battle.

More than the new characters, Bungie has also revealed some new gameplay for the story mission, titled The Coming War. Prominent YouTube personality Arekkz Gaming shows off the gameplay in the video seen below. As a backgrounder of what the story mission is all about, Guardians, who get to this, will not yet have any subclasses, as this is the very first mission in “Destiny” The Taken King expansion.

According to Arekkz Gaming, the mission takes place in Mars’s moon, Phobos. The goal of the player is to investigate the Cabal’s activities. Interestingly, the Ghost also comes up a couple of times because the update also gives the AI companion an ability to scan items.

Speaking of Ghost, “Destiny” The Taken King expansion will also introduce Nolan North’s take on Ghost. Eurogamer spotted the footage, seen via the link, which features a short clip of the Ghost’s voice. Previously, Bungie had revealed that the role for Ghost will become a more major character that will guide the Guardians through the new journey in The Taken King.

"Destiny" The Taken King gameplay (Credit: YouTube/Arekkz Gaming)