“Destiny’s” first expansion pack, “The Dark Below,” will reach PlayStations next Tuesday, and it looks like developer Bungie is bringing a slew of changes to the shooter game, which reached the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Xbox 360 in September. And “The Dark Below,” which will be priced at $20, will offer more exclusives to PlayStation owners.

"'The Dark Below' expands the world of 'Destiny' with a wealth of new maps, story missions, and gear," the PlayStation blog said Tuesday. "PlayStation gamers also have exclusive content to look forward to."

PlayStation users will have access to a weapon Xbox One players won't -- the Fourth Horseman Shotgun.

fourth Fourth Horseman shotgun. Photo: Courtesy/Bungie

Users will also have the ability to upgrade items. To do this, they will need the original version of that exotic item. Then they must turn it in to exchange for the upgraded version. They will also need an exotic shard, which can be purchased for seven strange coins from Xur, or simply by breaking down another exotic inventory item. Each upgrade will cost approximately 7,000 glimmer, according to Game Informer on Wednesday, which also said the process of upgrading will be much quicker and more efficient.

The story’s plot, which was criticized by many at the game’s launch as being weak, will also receive a further explanation in “The Dark Below.”

New cooperative missions will also be introduced, including a new hive boss named Omnigul, a witch who sends swarms of bad guys to players during a story mission.

Story missions and strikes also introduce new gameplay mechanics, including a condition called “A Dark Burden,” which cancels your character’s ability to use vertical movement while in a fight. Loot raid drops have also been improved, and “Destiny” will pay closer attention to the drops a player has already encountered. Bungie wants players to have a more consistent reward experience with the Raid.