Hey, “Destiny” fans! It’s Friday again, and it’s cold outside, and we know you plan to spend your the next couple of days inside the warmth of your home playing “Destiny.”

Xur is back in the Tower for the weekend, and he’ll be there until Sunday.

Check out his wares for Feb. 6-8. Planning on buying anything? Leave a comment below.

All the below information is available via Bungie, developer of “Destiny.”

Main Wares

Dragon’s Breath

Exotic Rocket Launcher -- 17 coins

302/331 attack (Solar)

-- Can carry 3 shells in a tube

Don’t Touch Me Gauntlets

Exotic Hunter Gauntlets -- 13 coins

333/366 Defense

-- Turn invisible when hit with a melee attack

-- Increased reload speed with special weapons

Starfire Protocol

Exotic Warlock Chest -- 13 coins

Light + 30/36

Intellect +134/144

-- Gain an additional fusion grenade

Mk. 44 Standasides

Exotic Titan Boots -- 13 coins

Light + 30/36 296/325

Defense Strength +134/44

Exotic Upgrades


-- Suros Commandment

-- Thorn In My Side

-- Universal Wiimote

-- The Date Starter (Ice Breaker)


-- Crest Of Res Me Medic (Titan)

-- Helm Of Inmost Shiny

-- Young Ahamprada’s Spine

-- Helm Of Dire Ahampharoah

Other Wares

Fusion Rifle experience booster x5 -- 1 coin

Rocket Launcher experience booster x5 -- 1 coin

Hand Cannon experience booster x5 -- 1 coin

Sparrow upgrades (speed and durability) Blue and Green-- 23 coins

Exotic shard -- 7 coins