Nobody knows who Detective Shavedlongcock truly is, but despite a shocking name that could be seen as a turn-off, the anonymous news blogger manages to attract plenty of visitors on a daily basis.

Since launching the site in Chicago in 2008, the Detective has thrived off delivering what he calls true news mixed with cop humor, not limiting himself to any one particular genre. On Thursday, the blogger celebrated four years of straight, in-depth, and to the point news, in which he single-handedly delivered more than 20,000 news posts and thousands of photos and images to an ever-growing audience.

Over 16 MILLION VIEWERS can't all be wrong! the Detective wrote in a post on Thursday. Thank you to everybody who has visited the Detective Shavedlongcock Blog in the last 4 years!

Feeling generous, the Detective granted a rare interview with the IBTimes' own Dave Smith, in which he discussed building his site from scratch, what he enjoys about being a news blogger, and why he will soon change the name of his brand.

Read the full interview below, visit the Detective's site here, and follow him on Twitter while you're at it.

International Business Times: How would you describe your website to someone who's never visited?

Detective Shaved Longcock: It's the Archie Bunker way of telling the news, it does to news what shock jocks did to radio. Besides the political incorrectness, it does tend to tell you more about who the actual offender(s) and victim(s) truly are.

IBT: What inspired you to create this site?

DSL: First and foremost was boredom. In addition to the boredom, I just wanted to see if others were really interested in hearing more about news stories and incidents than the media outlets were reporting. I got tired of seeing news story after news story omitting the race of people involved, hiding the truth about news incidents and in general not be very honest with their viewers. 

IBT: Is there any news you refuse to cover?

DSL: Not at all. I post news stories about everybody. From bad cops to bad people to heroes. I call it like it is and never censor any comments other than ones that would be illegal (like threats).

IBT: Why do you choose to keep your identity a secret?

DSL: How do that say that? ROFLMAO! In this politically correct world, you're safety is in jeopardy when you are P.I.

IBT: Are you enjoying your work? What's the best part about running your website?

DSL: It keeps me informed by the sheer number of news stories and e-mails I read each day. I get hundreds of e-mails daily, many with news stories or information. But the best part to me is hearing all the comments on news stories. Many comments are way out there or crazies but there are a lot of people who appear to be pissed off in which direction this world and nation is heading.

The real news can no longer afford to operate under the old Freedom of the Press. Most news organizations are hurting financially. Many times, the mainstream media will not publish the truth in a news story because they are afraid that this group of people or organization will boycott against them. Americans want to hear the truth and not some sanitized version of a news story that panders to a certain group of people.

IBT: How has your website grown over the last four years?

DSL: From just me as a viewer to millions yearly. And the stats show that over 70% of those who come to my blog stay on the blog for greater than 5 minutes. It's not just a bunch of Google Hits and moving on.

IBT: Where do you plan on taking your website next?

DSL: In the near future the blog will take on a new name. As I like to say, as others go GREEN, my blog will be going CLEAN. With the new name will be new restrictions with commenting. I let everybody vent for the last few years but shortly I hope to start a new blog, fresh clean name and higher standards in the comment section.

But even if you look at the comment section for major publications and news outlet, you will see that they have full time staffers who are deleting comments from their comment section 24/7. It's a sign of the times.