As forecasted the Gpb/Usd reached it´s minimum price target at 1.6433

The pair peaked on 1/19/10 at 1.64380.

The low after the peak was at 1.60740 on 22/1/10


A new X-Sequentials X5 pattern had been formed.

If the Gbp/Usd breaks below the low at 1.60740 the price targets are :

5XZ 1/2 :1.57105-1.55016

5XZ 1:1 :1.49624-1.46619

Chart: Gpb/Usd ,X-Sequentials 60 Minute Chart


If the Gbp/Usd breaks not below the low at 1.60740 ,it is still possible that the pair reaches the next up targets located at


yours sincerely ,

Devin Sage