In the last Usd/Jpy forecast it was stated that the Jpy/Usd formed a X2 pattern with the implication of a choppy upmove ´till :

7XZ 1/2 inverse : 95.14 (-95.64)

7XZ 1/1 inverse : 99.42

It was also said that a downmove will take place first :

Target area of the downmove : 89-87.91

Accordingly to the forecast ,the pair headed lower.

Last low at 89.70 on 1/22/10


After completing the current downmove in the target zone between 89-87.91 the Jyp/Usd will reach the targets of 95.14(95.64) and 99.42.

Chart: Jpy/Usd ,X-Sequentials 60 Minute Chart


yours sincerely ,

Devin Sage