Devin Sage TXA Trading :X-Sequentials Eur/Usd Forecast for 15/2/10

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After the low at 1.3582 on 2/5/10 it was forecasted last week that a countermove ´till 1.3674-1.3722 is possible .

The Eur/Usd peaked at 1.3839 on 2/9/10 and according to the forecast proceeded it´s downmove .

Fridays Low (2/12/2010) : 1.3528

Fridays close (2/12/2010): 1.3633


If the Eur/Usd breaks not below the low at 1.3528 a countermove ´till 1.39 is possible.

The Eur/Usd´s down move target is still located between the X-Sequentials X5 pattern´s 5Z move target zone at 1.3466 to 1.3412.

Chart : Eur/Usd , X-Sequentials 60 Minute Chart

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