Due to a internal X-Sequentials X7 pattern it was forecasted (3/14/2010) that the up move´s potential was restrcited to the area of 1.52327-1.52852.

It was recommended to short the Gbp/Usd between 1.52327-1.52852 ´till 1.50154 and to take a long position at the down moves target zone at 1.50154-1.4913.

The low was at 1.49740 on 3/16/2010 .

Current quote at : 1.52455

Profit (short position):

+217 Pips

Running profit of the long position :

+230 Pips

Chart : Gbp/Usd 60 Minute X-Sequentials Chart


Forecast :


Keep your long position with a stop at 1.4913 ´till 1.55 .


yours sincerely ,

Devin Sage ,TXA Trading