If you were hoping episode 4 of “Devious Maids” was going to answer all your burning questions regarding Blanca’s (Naya Rivera) fate -- think again. Instead, the Season 3 installment, titled “Since you Went Away,” unveiled an even bigger mystery: whom the severed leg found in the Powell’s rose bushes belonged to.

Police were only able to figure out who the victim of the gruesome Beverly Hills’ murder was after an amputated hand was dug up in Gail’s (Julie Claire) yard. This helped officials piece together -- literally -- whom the chopped-up body parts previously belonged to.

Apparently the owner of the severed extremities was a man named Louie Becker, a tennis professional who was also a member at the same country club as Gail. And, of course, Gail had all the salacious scoop on the skeletons hidden in Louie’s closet, which she gleefully shared with the police.

According to Gail, Louie had a thing for the well off ladies. This led us to initially believe that perhaps Louie was having an affair with Taylor (Brianna Brown), like Michael (Brett Cullen) had suspected. (Michael’s daughter told him that Taylor had a male friend over the house while he was away on business.) After all, Gail did say that Louie recently had an ugly break up with one of his beaus.

But instead of police knocking on the Stappord’s door, they ended up on the front steps of Genevieve (Susan Lucci). Could sweet Genevieve really be the one behind the murders?

That’s not all that happened in episode 4! Check out some of the major plot points below:

Where Is Blanca?

In an attempt to get her dress back, Carmen (Roselyn Sanchez) pays the Stappords a visit to try and get a hold of Blanca. But according to Taylor, that might be harder than it seems considering Blanca has fled Beverly Hills and headed back home to Arizona -- with Carmen’s dress in tow.

Carmen is less concerned with Blanca’s mysterious disappearance and more worried that she’ll never see her dress again. Even when Carmen reveals to her friends that Blanca has suspiciously returned home, she seems more upset with the fact that her alleged friend stole her floor-length gown.

“I don’t cares what happens to her. I hope she’s dead,” Carmen says as her friends gasp in shock by her statement. “What? It was a really good dress!”

Double The Husbands, Double The Drama

Rosie (Dania Ramirez) finds herself in a dilemma in episode 4 when Ernesto (Cristian de la Fuente) rose from the dead. Following his resurgence, he reveals that he still loves Rosie and wants to pick up where they left off -- in love. But when Rosie breaks the news that she’s moved on since Ernesto's “death” with Spence (Grant Show), Ernesto says he’ll respect her decision -- but he’ll want something in exchange for losing her: their son.

Rosie is clearly distraught with the thought of having her son move to Mexico with Ernesto, which is when Spence comes up with the idea to have Ernesto move to the United States to live near them.

“If you care about Miguel and me, you won’t tear us apart,” she says to her first love.

Dirty, Old Man

In episode 4, Adrian (Tom Irwin) fakes a back spasm, which is when he finds the opportunity to ask Carmen to stomp along his spine -- with heels -- as a way to feed his S&M craving.

As a thank you, Adrian gifts Carmen a pair Louboutins before asking her if she’ll lend him a hand -- or should we say foot? -- when his back gives out again. But Carmen isn’t naïve. She knows Adrian is having her walk across his back as a sexual favor.

“You’re a dirty, old man,” she says to her employer with sass, turning down Adrian’s business deal -- that is, until he offers Carmen cold, hard cash for her assistance.

Carmen then uses her odd relationship with Adrian to make Sebastien (Gilles Marini) jealous. Could this pressure him to leave his wife for her?

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