Ready to be swept up in even more drama? Because according to reports, episode 6 of Lifetime’s hit series “Devious Maids” is rumored to be the most scandalous installment of the soap opera’s third season. And it looks like a majority of those jaw-dropping moments will revolve around everyone’s favorite pregnant maid, Zoila (Judy Reyes).

After Genevieve (Susan Lucci) learned Zoila had spilled the beans regarding her salacious sex tape, the betrayed Beverly Hill socialite decided to travel to Greece with a prospective suitor -- leaving her very pregnant maid alone in her very empty mansion. But according to the synopsis for episode 6, titled “She Done Him Wrong,” Zoila won’t be riding solo for long.

“Zoila struggles with her feelings about having a new baby, while dealing with the arrival of her younger sister,” the summary teases.

That’s right, Zoila’s little sister Reina (Justina Machado) will make her Beverly Hills debut in episode 6. And it looks like her arrival will come with a whole lot of baggage. No wonder Zoila tries to hide from Reina when she comes knocking on Genevieve’s door!

“Last time I saw you, you stole my car,” Zoila says to her troublesome sibling in a promo video. But Zoila’s sassy sibling responds that there’s no way her big sis could even consider a used Saturn a “car.”

But as it turns out, grand theft auto will be the least of Zoila’s worried in episode 6. A sneak-peek video reveals that the sisters will have an argument so heated it will cause Zoila to fly over the railing -- literally.

“I want you the hell out of here!” Zoila shouts to her sister while grabbing Reina’s suitcase. But instead of throwing her sister out of the house, the expecting mother throws herself down the stairs in a terrifying scene.

Could episode 6 end on a deadly note with the loss of Zoila’s child?

Audiences will find out on Monday at 9 p.m. EDT when “Devious Maids” airs episode 6, “She Done Him Wrong,” on Lifetime.