And that’s a wrap!

On Thursday, the cast of Lifetime’s hit series “Devious Maids” began filming their final episode of the show’s fourth season, which is set to hit the small screen June 6th. And according to Dania Ramirez, who portrays Rosie on the drama-drenched soap opera, the crew is starting to feel the effects from shooting the emotionally-draining installment.

The actress shared a behind-the-scenes photo of her and her fellow “Devious Maids” co-star Ana Ortiz, who portrays Marisol, passed out on a prop couch.

“Early call time much,” she captioned the image. “Yeah, we really do sleep like this.”


Well, soon the Season 4 cast of the Lifetime series can get all the shut eye they want — that is, after they shoot the show’s finale. Curtis Kheel, a writer and executive producer on the series, shared a photo of the season's final script. And it looks like our favorite four maids are in for a doozy!

Kheel tweeted a picture of episode 10, revealing that the name of the finale, directed by Victori Nelli, is “Grime and Punishment.”

“Best finale yet!!!” “Devious Maids” writer Davah Avena teased.

But while the cast still needs to bring the killer script to life, the writers of the show can finally sit back and relax. According to Kheel, who wrote episode 9 of “Devious Maids,” the crew celebrated their final day in the writers’ room on Tuesday.

Audiences won’t want to miss Season 4 of the bleach-stained drama. Susan Lucci, who plays the lovable socialite Genevieve Delatour, dished to International Business Times that the new season will have even more twists and turns.

“We adored last season!” she gushed during an AOL Build conference in February. “We thought Season 3 was fantastic and we’re shooting Season 4 now [and] we’re all marveling, saying how could it be even better? I’m not just saying that so you watch [the show] — it’s honestly what we’re saying to each other. You be the judge … but we think Season 4 is that much better.”

“Devious Maids” will return with Season 4 Monday, June 6, at 9 p.m. EDT on Lifetime.