We’re only three episodes into Season 3 of the hit Lifetime series “Devious Maids” and audiences have already witnessed a shooting, a severed leg and the return of a dead man. But according to Rebecca Wisocky, who plays the brilliantly cunning role of Evelyn Powell on the Marc Cherry-created dramedy, things are only going to intensify as the third installment continues.

“We’re all really excited about Season 3,” the actress told International Business Times in an exclusive interview. “You won’t be disappointed this year. It’s a good season.”

Check out below what Wisocky said is next for everyone’s favorite power couple, the Powells, in addition to her thoughts on who the Beverly Hills’ serial killer might be. 

International Business Times: Season 3 has started off with well, I would say a bang but instead I’ll say a severed leg.

Rebecca Wisocky: Yes! That leg was once attached to something or someone. More gruesome things will be discovered.

IBTimes: Evelyn and Adrian (Tom Irwin) received some closure in the Season 2 finale. And while it was really great for their relationship, it put a damper on their sex life. But I’ve got to say, I’m kind of glad it did because it led to the German maid Gretchen.

Wisocky: That was so much fun! And you know, that was a scene that they added later. We shot that later on in the season and they put it into episode 1. And we had so much fun with it. I love working with Tom so much. I’d do anything with him.

We really had a lot of fun playing with that. And I think to her credit, Evelyn is willing to try just about anything and it’s part of the delightful, funny/sad of them that they just can’t seem to make it work for longer than five minutes at a time. But I thought it was real interesting that it was revealed that the conflict for them is what kept [their romance] alive. And for a man that has that much power and control in the world that what really did it for him is to be out of control -- I think was an interesting insight.

Devious Maids season 3 spoilers Rebecca Wisocky shares why she thinks her character Evelyn isn't interested in partaking in Adrian's (Tom Irwin) painful fantasy in "Devious Maids." Photo: Lifetime

IBTimes: I was wondering why was Evelyn so disturbed by the whole S&M scene because I could totally picture her rocking the dominatrix role!

Wisocky: Right? Adrian does say that [she’s] practically a dominatrix already, which is kind of true. She’s so smart but is so unself-aware. I don’t know! She does try it. There’s a weird, sweet, innocence, girlishness to her that I think is surprising, too. Because she does seem so terrible and powerful and formidable. But I don’t know why that was the thing that seemed to really cross a line [with her]. She tries! She doesn’t get very far. I think for the same reason that [Adrian] finds it very titillating to be out of control, she has her own set of issues with control.

IBTimes: I know Evelyn is attracted to strong, outspoken men and perhaps it’s the submissive role Adrian is attracted to that’s turning her off.

Wisocky: Absolutely. I think you’re very smart in saying that. In the beginning of last season she says that the one thing she cannot tolerate is weakness in a man.

IBTimes: Is there anything else Adrian could do to convince her to give the Velvet Whip another whirl?

Wisocky: I don’t know. I don’t want to spoil anything for you! But you’ll have to wait and see whether two roads diverge at the point and see if he finds someone to meet those desires or whether or not [Evelyn] comes along for the ride. But you should know, knowing the Powells, that they’re at their best and most enjoyable to watch when they are not joyously united.

IBTimes: That leads me to my next question: How would you describe the Powells' relationship this season?

Wisocky: We’re having so much fun. I think the audience has come to know and love these characters. They’re so different, they’re so unique. They have their own set of struggles and weaknesses and strengths – same with the Powells.

[Their relationship] is kind of more the same but it’s also on a whole new level. It’s a game changer that Adrian and Evelyn really found a bit of closure about their son’s death and where do you go from there when the thing that defines your relationship for 20 years is no longer a factor. I think they’re both kind of untethered. Evelyn will find a new deep desire for purpose in her life and I think that will be very divisive for them this year.

IBTimes: I’ve got to ask, how did you manage to keep a straight face when Tom whinnied like a horse in episode 2?

Wisocky: He did that so well, right? We love making one another laugh. And he’s the best scene partner I’ve ever had -- and I’ve been around the block a few times. We love playing with each other. It’s a joy to go to work.

Devious Maids Season 3 spoilers "Devious Maids" star Rebecca Wisocky (center), who portrays the character Evelyn, teases what's next for her character. (Pictured: Tom Erin as Adrian and Roselyn Sanchez as Carmen.) Photo: Lifetime

IBTimes: So thus far, Evelyn has found a severed leg in her award-winning rose bushes and has paid a visit to the Velvet Whip. What’s next for Beverly Hill’s baddest b----?

Wisocky: Well, we have a murder bus that comes to the Powell house -- and of course the Powell house has earned its place on the murder tour of Beverly Hills. And then Carmen (Roselyn Sanchez) comes to work for us! And that’s a whole other can of worms, which is really fun and really sexy. Carmen’s chemistry with Adrian and Evelyn are very different. And I think you’ll find the place in Evelyn’s heart that was healed a little bit leaves room for her possible considering being a mother again this year.

IBTimes: That’s very interesting! I was also wondering how the new hire would affect the Powell household -- as we all know, Carmen’s not the best of maids.

Wisocky: Oh, she’s terrible! But Adrian was desperate because Valentina (Edy Ganem) leaves with Remy (Drew Van Acker) -- they go to New York. And Adrian is desperate to have a buffer in the house because Evelyn is so upset with him. So that’s how Carmen comes to our house.

IBTimes: Outside of the Powells, what else could you tell us about Season 3? Anything about the Stappord’s daughter Katie? As cute as she is, she’s seriously creepy!

Wisocky: She’s very cute and she’s very creepy. And I think [her storyline] is tragic. I think a lot of mysteries will unfold at the Stappord household this year. And I think Katie is very much at the center at it. And I wouldn’t be so quick to call her demonic. I think she’s a scarred little girl. That’s another mask that could be concealing lots of different things.

I think this is the season that all the characters you know and love find themselves in a deep moral quandary and a pickle. We’re trying to choose between what we want and what’s good for us and what we know is bad for us and what scratches our itch. And I think that’s true for everyone.

IBTimes: Do you think any other characters should be worried that they could be the next one sliced up and turned into rose bush fertilizer?

Wisocky: Well it certainly has some flare to it, doesn’t it? And I’ll be honest with you, I don’t even know the full extent of who is responsible [for the murders]. Should we be creeped out? Oh, yes. I think it’s definitely a pretty strong sense for there to be a murder and for the evidence to be displayed. That certainly points to a monstrous type of person.

IBTimes: I thought I knew who it was already! I assumed it was little Katie after viewers caught a glimpse at her gruesome drawings.

Wisocky: Perhaps she’s just a child that’s seen a lot of desperately terrible things and she doesn’t know how to speak about it. Or she could be a serial killer with superhuman strength! Do you think she’s really capable of dragging that severed leg across three yards in Beverly Hills? Maybe!

Wisocky added that she thinks fans will really enjoy the remainder of the season. “It just keeps getting faster and funnier,” she stated, promising audiences should expect more fantastic one-liners from her witty character.

“Devious Maids” airs Mondays at 9 p.m. EDT on Lifetime.