Credit: Daily-Diabetic

The Royal Melbourne Hospital's department of diabetes and endocrinology has been leading the country in the battle with diabetes for more than a decade.

The hospital has been running trials and programs to seek better treatments for type 2 diabetes and is looking for volunteers to participate in the trials.

Currently, there are seven trials being run at the hospital, with four more underway.

Jennie Nairn, study coordinator and research nurse said the trials are seeking new volunteers particularly from Melbourne's western suburbs.

Based on the information gathered by the Australian Community Centre for Diabetes, Melbourne's western suburbs were experiencing diabetes epidemic. One in seven residents had been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, compared to the average of one in 30 Australia-wide, said the scientists.

About 13.8 per cent of residents over 55 years of age in Hobsons Bay have type 2 diabetes and in Brimbank, two new cases are diagnoses per day.

Though the hospital research lacked funds from the government, Mrs Nairn said, more volunteers provided more research material and more opportunity to explore potential treatments and remedies.

One of the good things with the trials is you become more accountable with your health as we do follow-ups to see how you are going. Another thing is you get to be treated by Professor of Endocrinology Peter Colman, and of course it is all free, said Mrs Nairn.

If you are interested to participate in the trials, please contact the Diabetes Research Unit on 9342 7344.