As part of Blizzard's "Diablo 3" one-year anniversary celebration, the home of the "Starcraft," "Warcraft" and "Diablo" series has announced that all players will enjoy 25 percent boosts to their magic find and experience gain stats through Tuesday. The magic find bonus won't be subject to the 300 percent magic find cap, allowing players to surpass this threshold.

Blizzard also slashed the cost of "Diablo 3" in the Blizzard store from $59.99 to $39.99 -- a 33 percent decrease. This offer will also be available through Tuesday.

"Diablo 3" launched one year ago yesterday and was hotly anticipated for years but has suffered from a series of issues since its release, from account security to, most recently, a gold-duping bug. Some players claimed that the game was effectively ruined by the bug, with some claiming that a mass exodus from the game would ensue.

The sale on "Diablo 3" along with the magic find and experience gain boosts may represent an attempt on Blizzard's behalf to lure players back into the game after last week's fiasco. Whether it will work on not remains to be seen.

What do you think of these stat boosts and the "Diablo 3" sale? Did you stop playing "Diablo 3" as a result of last week's bug? If so, will the stat boosts be enough of a reason to start playing again? Should Blizzard offer more? Sound off in the comments below.