Reports have emerged that Apple altered a photo of a Galaxy Tab to look more like an iPad for evidence in the Samsung lawsuit, which has banned sales of the tablet computer in Europe.

One photo in the complaint suit filed by Apple displays an Apple iPad alongside of a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, presumably resizing the Galaxy Tab to appear more like the iPad. Experts from Dutch Web site, the origin of this claim, say the aspect ratio was distorted, stretching the width of the Galaxy Tab to appear more like the iPad.

The report said a photo on page 28 of the Galaxy Tab was reduced from a 1.46 aspect ratio to 1.36, similar to the iPad's aspect ratio of 1.30. However, throughout the other 44 pages of the complaint, the Galaxy Tab appears at its actual aspect ratio unchanged every time it appears unaccompanied by an image of iPad.

However, reports do not specify whether or not the image was altered intentionally to strengthen the copyright infringement case or by mistake. It is also possible that in order to expedite the case, Apple used a prototype image of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 in its suit, though it is unknown where the inaccurate image came from.

Apple's infringement lawsuit filed several months ago claims Samsung copied its patented iPad design for its tablet computer, which according to Apple is "virtually identical" to iPad in display, packaging and marketing. The suit has led to a ban of selling the Galaxy Tab in European Union countries except the Netherlands.

This new, seemingly misleading evidence can jeopardize Apple's case against Samsung or possibly remove the ban, according to

Samsung is set to appeal the ban in Europe on Aug. 25.