Now that iOS 5 is officially out and features quite a few things which didn't show up in the beta versions, we finally got the chance to make a head-to-head match out of iOS 5 and Android's latest version, Gingerbread 2.3.


We'll now jot down each and every new feature that iOS 5 brings and check for true innovation.

iOS 5

Android Gingerbread

Who Was First?

Sliding notifications from the topTrademark Android styleGoogle Android
iMessage (BlackBerry Messenger inspired)Android already had GTalk that covered each and every smart phone and not just AndroidGoogle Android
Location-aware reminders that notify you when you're near a place what you need to do hereNothing as such in Android, neither in the form of an app by Google, nor in the core OSApple iOS
Twitter integrationBeen there for long. Since Froyo 2.2Google Android
Newsstand (inspired from Distro)Google Reader was always there but it was never implemented in the core OS or came with the stock appsApple iOS
Lock screen shortcut to Camera appOn HTC Android devices running HTC Sense 3.0, this was always thereGoogle Android
Safari updates with the reading list bookmarking and the browsing sync between iOS devicesAndroid's stock browser doesn't do this till dateApple iOS
PC free iOS updatesAndroid has had OTA updates since day oneGoogle Android
iCloud (inspired from Dropbox)Google Drive has been in the works for long, but not fully implemented so Apple takes the lead hereApple iOS
Find My FriendsAndroid always had Google Latitude to allow this feature.Google Android
Cards appPostagram was always there on Android but that's a third party app and not implemented in Android OSApple iOS
Game Center's social network approach with friend photos and achievement pointsAndroid doesn'tApple iOS
iTunes MatchGoogle Music was a firstGoogle Android
SiriSpeakToIt app was always there on Android but again, a third party app and not a part of Android's coreApple iOS


So as you may now know that more than half the new features that come with iOS 5 are not original and hence, question Apple's glorious track record of being a first in every innovation. This might be the first time that we've seen Apple copying stuff from Android, BlackBerry and even Windows Phone 7. With Android's new version, Ice Cream Sandwich just a few weeks away from its Over-The-Air updates, things might not get any easier for the research labs at Apple, though we expect Apple will continue to innovate the way it has been known for, in the past.


Special thanks to @Adnanfarooqui for helping with the screenshots!


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