Floyd “Money” Mayweather is once again living up to his nickname. The famous boxer reportedly bet $5.9 million on the outcome of Monday night’s NBA Eastern Conference Finals game between the Miami Heat and the Indiana Pacers.

Mayweather, who is ranked as the world’s highest-earning athlete, allegedly bet $5.9 million that the Heat would defeat the Pacers in last night’s Game 7 matchup. LeBron James led his team, a seven-point favorite, to a 99-76 victory over Indiana, securing an NBA Finals appearance for the Heat and earning Mayweather a substantial payout in the process.

News of the gaudy bet broke just before the game, when an organization known as Vegas Gambling Stream posted the news to its Twitter account. “Good source from my #HeavyHitters Vegas crew alerted me that Floyd Mayweather has laid over $5,900,000 on Heat -7 tonight in Vegas,” the tweet read. Neither Mayweather nor Leonard Ellerbe, CEO of Mayweather Promotions, has responded to the report.

"This is kind of ridiculous. C'mon Floyd," Benjamin Lee Eckstein, of AmericasLine.com, a nationally-syndicated odds column, told the New York Daily News. "I know that there have been people who walked into a casino and bet a million dollars, but not on basketball. It was always the Super Bowl." Eckstein also noted that Mayweather would only win about $600,000 on a bet that cost him $5.9 million.

A $5.9 million bet to win $600,000 may seem excessive, but “Money” Mayweather isn’t hurting for cash. The 36-year-old boxer just agreed to a six-fight, $200 million partnership with Showtime, the Daily News reports.  He's scheduled to fight Canelo Alvarez in September for a reported $40 million.

Several outlets have disputed the veracity of Vegas Gambling Stream’s report. In an interview with Yahoo Sports, an anonymous Las Vegas sports book director expressed doubts that Mayweather would be allowed to bet so much money on a single game, especially in Vegas.

"I don't [think it's true]," the bookmaker told Yahoo Sports. "The only place that gave him sizeable wagers was Cantor [Gaming] and I've heard they cut many players way back. I don't think if he bet that at every book in town he could get that much, and we haven't taken anything here."

Even if Mayweather didn’t bet $5.9 million on the Heat-Pacers, the champion boxer has cultivated a reputation for making (and winning) extravagant bets on major sporting events. Between August 2010 and February 2012, Mayweather posted photos of 46 betting slips to Twitter, Grantland.com’s Dermot Hunt reported. Incredibly, Mayweather won all 46 of the bets, raking in nearly $4 million in profits.