Khloé Kardashian seems to have taken a jab at estranged husband Lamar Odom through a cryptic post on Instagram. Kardashian is currently dating Houston Rockets star James Harden but has been spending time Odom, who is currently admitted at the Cedars-Sinai medical center in Los Angeles after his drug overdose in October.

Kardashian shared a photo on Instagram reading: “Sometimes we expect more from others, because we would be willing to do that for them.” A day earlier, she shared another photo saying: “No one warns about the amount of mourning in growth.”

Kardashian has said earlier that 2015 was the “worst year” of her life. She had also recently developed a staph infection due to which she had to cancel a signing event for her book “Strong Looks Better Naked.”

Kardashian had called off their divorce after Odom’s medical crisis, but last month she announced that it was going forward. Her brother Rob claimed last month that he was “disgusted” with his sister for deciding to go on with the divorce. Kardashian responded in a tweet that Odom “went against all our vows.”

While Harden is believed to have supported Kardashian to help out Odom, reports suggest that there have been issues between the couple as she was seen flirting with former boyfriend French Montana.

“James has enough on his plate right now and Khloé, on top of it, is too much for him to eat. His team is playing poorly and to add insult to injury, Khloé’s out kicking it with French Montana,” a source told Hollywood Life Friday, adding: “His team is giving him s--- about that because everybody in the world knows French and Khloé did the bunny hop together.”

The source also said: “One of his teammates told him that he should just get himself a groupie and call it a day because Khloé’s not worth all the headache,” adding: “James isn’t a jealous person. He could understand if she was at Lamar’s bedside. That he gets. But her out at a concert with her ex French? That’s not cool. He’s wondering if Khloé’s the right woman for him.”