Golden State Warriors shooting guard Klay Thompson reportedly cheated on his model girlfriend, Hannah Stocking. The beauty took to Twitter to slam the basketball player, who is now apparently her ex-boyfriend. Stocking has since removed the tweets, but news outlets like the U.K.’s Daily Mail and Busted Coverage preserved the messages through screenshots.

Stocking, 23, vented about Thompson, 25, Saturday. She shared a picture of the NBA player with the following caption: “When you catch [your] man naked in bed with a groupie ... lol @KlayThompson.” “I told him I’d @ him if he kept harassing me," the model continued. "So I guess he really wanted that tag to get his numbers up.”

Thompson has not issued a response and the tweets have been scrubbed from Stocking’s page. She doesn’t seem to be taking the apparent breakup to heart, though. She has posted numerous photos to Instagram that show her enjoying herself on the beach with friends and other men.

Hannah Stocking Model Hannah Stocking, pictured in an Instagram selfie, reportedly called out her boyfriend, Klay Thompson, for cheating on her. Photo: Instagram/Hannah Stocking

With 1.5 million followers, the Oregon native has a large audience to share with. Many of the pictures are selfies and images take during photo shoots for modeling gigs. Last week she captioned a selfie with a cryptic quote from singer Kehlani: “Too damn strong to let you get the best of me. Took way too long to find the light inside of me."

Thompson didn’t show any signs of being distraught on social media either. He shared a picture of his dog, Rocco, playing with a football on the beach in San Francisco. Earlier in the year, he suffered a professional setback when he got a concussion during a Western Conference-clinching playoff game. Even though Houston Rockets forward Trevor Ariza banged his knee against the side of Thompson's head, the Warriors went on to win the game.

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