MTV may have made a shared a little too much in their fall lineup promo. During the network’s Video Music Awards on Sunday, a preview of their upcoming shows revealed what’s to come later this year and teased the ending of “The Challenge: Dirty 30.”

“This fall, MTV’s got a lot going on,” the voiceover star kicks off the above promo. The preview then goes on to show flashes of “The Challenge: Dirty 30” competitors Chris “CT” Tamburello, Camila Naktawaga, Cara Maria Sorbello and Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio and begs the question: “Who’s going to win the biggest, baddest challenge ever. Him, her, her or him?”

The promo doesn’t completely spoil the show’s ending, but according to fan findings, the competitors picked to star in the commercial may not have been accidental. It has been reported by numerous in-the-know fan sites that CT, Camila, and Cara Maria are three of the finalists this season. Unlike previous installments, the winners will not be announced until the finale airs.

the challenge winners MTV teases “The Challenge: Dirty 30” winners in their fall lineup promo. Pictured (clockwise) Chris “CT” Tamburello, Camila Naktawaga, Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio and Cara Maria Sorbello. Photo: MTV

Unfortunately for “Challenge” vet Johnny, spoilers indicate that he was eliminated from the game before the finale. The third male speculated to have made it to the end is Derrick Kosinski, who returned to the show this season after several years away. Other rumored winners include Tori Deal from “Are You the One?” fame and Jordan Wiseley.

After revealing there are more episodes to come of “Teen Mom 2,” “Siesta Key,” “Wild N Out” and more to come in the promo, it was also revealed that “The Challenge: Champs vs Stars” is on the way. While the entire cast list has not yet been revealed, the network did share that rapper Riff Raff will compete. A snippet from the preview shows that veterans CT, Camila, Johnny, Jenna Compono, Zach Nichols, Emily Schromm and Cory Wharton will be starring. 

Other new series viewers can expect this fall include “Shredders,” “90’s House” starring Lance Bass and “Dare to Live.” Two spinoffs are also in the pipeline, “Teen Mom New Jersey” and “Catfish Trolls.”

While viewers will have to wait quite some time to wait to see how this season of “The Challenge” plays out, MTV isn’t keeping fans completely in the dark. Ahead of the airing of the next episode Tuesday night, three sneak peeks have been released.

In “Ankles Aweigh,” one player’s injury will “raise doubts,” according to MTV’s synopsis, leading the players to question whether its just a “deceitful strategy.” Meanwhile, two veteran players will “get cozy,” according to the summary. However, their romance may be shortly lived after “the nature of their relationship is called into question.”

A sneak peek shows the new romance will be between Aneesa Ferreira and Veronica Portillo. In one clip, Aneesa tells her competitor she finds her “beautiful,” more so than their shared ex. While Veronica admits she initially didn’t like Anessa, the scene ends with the two in bed together.

It won’t be all romance, though. In true “Challenge” fashion, the installment will also show a competition. In episode 7, the house will compete in “Ups and Downs,” a game which force the players to remember the show’s past infernos, gauntlets and invasions.

“Listen, I’ll be honest with you guys. A lot of these challenges I try to forget,” CT tells the cameras.

A second teaser for the episode shows the competitors struggling to remember the order of the shows. Even Johnny, who has been on his fair share of seasons, is told my producers he doesn’t have the order correct.

“I don’t know if Bananas took a nap for half of his life but he has no idea what order these go in and he’s been on like half of them!” his teammate Kailah Casillas complains.

“The Challenge: Dirty 30” airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. EDT on MTV.