Running a successful presidential campaign requires millions of dollars, and incumbent Barack Obama and challenger Mitt Romney have even turned to the NBA to boost their coffers before Tuesday’s election.

According to a report by, each candidate has received donations from a plethora of NBA team owners, team officials and a handful of players.

The owners overwhelmingly supported Romney 20 to seven, while only five players donated and they all backed Obama. The Golden State Warriors were the only team to split their donations, with two owners going for Romney and one for Obama.

New York’s Carmelo Anthony and Baron Davis, Dallas’ Vince Carter, and the Clippers’ Grant Hill supported Obama with the maximum $5,000, while second-year Portland guard Nolan Smith chipped in $1,000.

Of the 74 total donors with some affiliation to the NBA, Obama received 42 total contributions for $128,145, while Romney received 32 donations for $118,500, according to the report.

All coaches, whether assistant or head, also fully supported Obama, as did NBA commissioner David Stern.

To see the full list of contributors and how much they pledged, click here.