New York Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz may be benched due to a calf injury, but he's still making headlines. On Tuesday news broke that the NFL player may have been caught cheating on his fiancée, Elaina Watley. New reports suggest Cruz, 28, may have alluded to the impending drama on Instagram just one day before word got out.

According to Us Weekly, the injured football superstar shared a strange message with his followers on the photo sharing site Monday that many speculate may have been linked to the scandal, though it remains unclear. The photo shows Cruz walking the football field during what looks to be a practice. His back is to the camera and both his number and last name can be seen emblazoned on a white and red jersey. In the post he suggested putting faith in God, saying he would handle the rest. He ended his message by saying, "In Due Time."

The following day screenshots, believed to be from a conversation between Watley and several women Cruz was allegedly sleeping with, surfaced on the Web. In the group conversation Watley introduced herself to the other women, saying she was "sure" they knew who she was, adding that she and him were most certainly together despite what he may have told them. Watley went on to reveal that Cruz denied being involved with any of the women in the conversation, saying they "meant nothing to him."

Cruz and Watley met in 2003, while both were still in high school. They have been engaged since July 2014 and share a young daughter together. It is not unknown if the text message was actually sent by Watley or if she and Cruz are still together.