As I wrote in premarket, this morning's troika of bad data (foreclosures, weekly jobless claims, Greek debt) would lead to a selloff of at least 10 minutes... with a maximum of 30 minutes.  Which happened.  (you thought I was being facetious?)  The market was crushed to the tune of -0.1% this AM.  I hope you bought the dip... I don't want to hear anyone complain that the market never pulls back.  Remember, flat is the new down.

As an aside, I bought some SPY calls late yesterday (about a 5% allocation) and hope I can drink enough Kool Aid to not be shaken out of them.  I will sell these at S&P 1225+ OR this afternoon - whichever comes first. With the market mostly grinding higher rather than sharp moves, it is not a great fit with any quick index plays (buy, appreciate, go back to cash).  Partly why I have been focusing more on individual positions lately.

[actual photo of my head trader entering stock orders for me below]

p.s. 6 day moving average update = S&P 1201-ish.