Just ahead of the nationwide release of the Biggie biopic Notorious, Sean Combs shared the emotional roller coaster ride he went through while watching the movie of his late friend.

In a YouTube video blog titled The Confessional, Part 1: Closure, Combs talks about how the movie opened up wounds for him. He confessed to suppressing his feelings, but this movie allowed him to come clean with the grief.

I lost a lot, you know. As we all do. It changed me. It broke my heart, it took my spirit. I can honestly say and confess that me making music hasn't been the same since Biggie passed away. It hasn't been fun for me, Combs confessed.

I want everyone to be born again after watching this movie, he said, adding that he hopes the movie will offer closure to Biggie's friends and family.

Combs said he will be posting a video blog every few hours until the film's premiere on Friday.

Watch The Confessional, Part 1: Closure here: