After Facebook, social news site Digg has added a new notifications feature to its service, according to Digg’s blog.

The update consists of email and on-site notification options, and the on-site version looks more like a Facebook’s notification.

This update in Digg is comprised of two parts -- additional email notification options as well as the ability to receive onsite notifications.

The first part of the update adds the option to keep up with people you follow when they take an action on a story that you have also taken action on. For example, if you submit a story and someone you're following on Diggs comments on that story, you'll receive an email notification about it.

The second part adds the onsite delivery option. If you look at the header, you'll notice a little broadcast icon next to your profile image. If you have any new notifications a big orange circle will be present with a number inside indicating how many unread notifications you have.

Clicking on the icon will expose a dropdown containing the five most recent notifications; any unread notifications will be displayed with a yellow background, said the blog.

Facebook has similar on-site interface. Digg’s imitation is an attempt to become more social to draw user’s attention.