Although it may be a bit trite to say, those that have the most toys at the end wins. Advertising is much in this vein and an aspect of marketing that is making its move into the technology realm. How the move is made is the question. There are a continuing flow of new options as technology advances but the central premise remains: make as much noise as quickly and as loudly as possible.

This is not a new idea but one that is quietly and quickly becoming more difficult in a rapidly changing advertising world. Finding that new way to attract the 18-34 yr. old demographic is the key, along with the aging boomer demographic. Most younger people have the attention span of a fly, getting and keeping that attention is the challenge. Digital signage is a real and moving prospect. Get in and get out may be the real opportunity. Most of the primary demographic can pick-up a message in a very quick burst. A company that can capitalize in this way is one that will most likely profit. Modifying the concept to varying forms will increase profit if the form used can STOP the primary demographic from walking away. Overall, this is just solid advertising but an issue that needs to be paid attention to in the current advertising space.

Being one of many, Data Call Technologies (DCLT.OB) may be a prime example of a company that has been penetrating the market with remarkable subtly. This approach may not generally be considered remarkable, but one that works. Selling it is the other thing and an aspect not lost on Data Call. Generally, one might wonder about the subliminal aspects of this work. The advertised message may be changed on a fairly regular basis, for instance between baseball game innings, but gets the desired message across efficiently and profitability. How this digital market grows is really any investors guess. Investing now, however, could lead to remarkable profits later.