DigitalPost Interactive, a leader in the digital media-sharing and social networking space, this morning announced that it has been given a professional services contract to develop a content management system for a leading technology company in the hotel and leisure industry.

Scheduled for delivery around mid-year, this platform will support the client’s strategy to increase awareness and expand its market presence online and within hotels and resorts, where a growing percentage of travel focused consumers are looking for specialized content.

“This is our first project in the hotel/leisure market, where our work on interactive media platforms can add value for businesses and their customers,” stated DigitalPost Chief Executive Michael Sawtell.

“We are pleased with the growth of our professional services division, as it is the result of developing an expanding range of opportunities for our interactive media platform and technology in different market segments,” he added. “We will continue to pursue these new opportunities as well as broaden our ongoing relationships with existing partners.”