One company that has started to gain recognition throughout the Internet community is DigitalPost Interactive. DigitalPost Interactive creates user-friendly platforms and tools that enable even the most novice Internet users to create their own professional-looking family websites and brings the joy of the Web to the homes of their customers.

Digital Post has created The as an interactive avenue for families to share photos, videos and lifetime memories in one safe and secured location on the Internet. Digital Post also caters to businesses with their 2.0 platform which provides companies an instant way to add compelling video and photo-sharing functionalities to their sites that are elegant, dynamic, and engaging.

Digital Post has become an attractive option to individuals from all walks of life because of their unique style and affordable prices. In a short matter of time, Digital Post has evolved to the center of the digital media and one of the main reasons for the surge of the young company is their founder and CEO Michael Sawtell.

Sawtell is a renowned name in the industry. Before founding DigitalPost Interactive, Sawtell led the turnaround of (formerly Interchange Corporation) – a leading local search engine that now attracts 10 million visitors a month. As President and COO, Michael helped turn around the company in 2000, taking it to seven straight profitable quarters and a $23M Initial Public Offering (IPO) in October of 2004. Sawtell is an aggressive leader whom has instilled energy and a solid business platform, making DigitalPost Interactive a leader in their industry.

Currently, DigitalPost Interactive is trading in the $0.07 range. With a leader such as Sawtell in place and products such as and an array of interactive business platforms, DigitalPost Interactive is definitely a company to keep an eye on. To learn more about DigitalPost Interactive, visit their website at: and you’ll soon see why so many investors are talking about this young company.

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