Storm Dion has hit most parts of the US as the nation is under a blanket of snow, ice and wind. Thousands of flights have been cancelled, and many roads have now become a dangerous place for drivers. As New York City woke up this morning to snow, we wonder should we be worried and when will the storm end?

Storm Dion will continue to whip its wintery fury over Virginia and Philadelphia on Tuesday with storm warnings over parts of Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania and New Jersey.  Parts of Texas have been hit with ice and snow while earlier in the week winter weather hit the Midwest and Mid-Atlantic regions hard.

While most weather forecasters are predicting that the winter weather will ease by Tuesday there are some steps you will need to take and be aware of to ensure your safety. In New York City the roads are slippery and wet, so one should take extra care while driving and always wear your seat-belt.

Some schools were closed today, as other areas have reported power outages as a result of the storm.  Dion has left a vast majority of the nation under an intense blanket of ice, snow and wind. Winter is definitely here, and we are all feeling the cold brunt of Dion’s fury.