If you look on FourTwoZero's YouTube page, you'll see that he spends a lot of time on his dirt bike shooting videos. However, the other day, he captured something even more frightening than usual when he accidentally crashed into an unsuspecting friend.

Drew Michael Beilman, of Battleford, Saskatchewan, rides on a private track that is only shared with select friends - and it is not uncommon to see a few people strewn about the course, The Post Game reports.

A few days back, the biker, who goes by the nickname Kx125dude on Facebook, was out on his track perfecting his tricks when he shot over a hill and got a major shock. His bike slammed into his friend Caitlyn Woloski. Unfortunately, she thought it was safe to be on the track based on the last lap start of her pal.

Not so!

According to Kx125Dude's Facebook page, Woloski separated her color bone and tore her ACL. The video footage, which has gone viral, is truly shocking. What's even more shocking is the fact that Woloski is able to stand up and walk around after the accident.

It's been a rough ride for bikers both on and off the bike lately. Just last week, a mountain biker in South Africa was attacked by an antelope. He too survived the attack remarkably well.

Check out the wild footage below: