The next installment of the popular “Disgaea” tactical role-playing game (RPG) series, called “Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance” is coming out this year on October 6 for gamers in North America. The game -- like the previous entries in the series, will be an exclusive to Sony platforms, though in this case it’s only coming to Sony’s PlayStation 4 and not the company’s other platforms.

With the release date out of the way, Nippon Ichi Software (or NIS) has also announced that there would be a special “Disgaea 5” launch day edition of the tactical RPG. According to Polygon, the launch day edition of the PS4 exclusive will include the game itself, reversible cover art, the game’s soundtrack and a 32-page art book that contains some of the game’s designs for the various characters and monsters that will inhabit the game.

The “Disgaea” series has had a reputation for having some of the funniest video game stories ever and for having some incredibly difficult battles as the game goes on. Anyone who’s played a previous “Disgaea” game will feel right at home and can expect characters to level up to ridiculously high levels. Previous games saw the players reach more than level 1000, which other RPGs would consider overkill.

While the series’ signature humor will still shine through, a post from the PlayStation Blog has revealed that “Alliance of Vengeance” might be one of the darker entries in the “Disgaea” franchise. The story has protagonist Killia and a ragtag group of overlords swearing to take revenge on the demon king Void Dark, who destroyed the various Netherworlds that the characters inhabited.

Visually, the game looks similar to previous titles in the franchise, but with more detailed sprites and over-the-top maneuvers that couldn’t be done in previous “Disgaea” games. This is thanks to the PlayStation 4's new hardware, which allows for more chaos in the game.

“Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance” will be coming to the United States on October 6, while Europe will be getting the game a few days later on October 9. The game will be the first next-gen “Disgaea” title, since it will be the first in the series to come to the PlayStation 4.

Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance -- Official Story Trailer | PS4 (Credit: YouTube/PlayStation)