The science fiction film District 9 produced by The Lord of the Rings' Peter Jackson has been well reviewed as an intense well crafted and original film.

The film, which hits theaters on August 14, has also been acknowledged for carrying a thoughtful message.

[The movie] dazzles the eye with seamless special effects but also makes you think without preaching, Christy Lemire of the Associated Press wrote in her review.

The film, directed by Neill Blomkamp, is about a community of aliens that landed on South Africa twenty eight years ago and have been treated since then as refugees, settled by the government in District 9 of that country. It has earned positive reviews from 94 percent of critics, according to review aggregation site

In the film, a tense relationship develops between the aliens and unwelcoming humans. In addition, a corporation becomes involved as it tries to profit from understanding how the aliens’ weapons work

A genuinely original science fiction film that grabs you immediately, not letting go until the final shot, critic Kirk Honeycutt writes in his review for the Hollywood Reporter.

Some critics however don't think the movie is original but instead compliment the director for knowing how to use pre-existing pop ideas.

It's a bad joke that District 9 will be hailed for its originality. The movie's main fun comes from wondering what coin of the pop realm Blomkamp will pluck out from his memory bank next, Michael Sragow from the Baltimore Sun said.

Watch a clip about how the film was made and some scenes below: