As most investors have come to understand, in these post 2008 times, diversification is all that keeps a portfolio together. One sector or another is no longer enough to keep a portfolio afloat. Sector by sector there are many issues that need to be followed. Gold may be up today and down tomorrow. Financials may have been crushed yesterday, but move up next week. Keeping pace is the key.

Reading on the computer, as you are, recognizes that you understand the need for information. Information in the financial world is why you understand the need. But with all the information overload and unknowing competencies of whomever happens to be writing the information, understanding the process is even more key. Finding reliable sources is difficult, but can be found with hundreds of gatherers in the trenches every day.

There are many choices, but one solid choice is Newsletters, blogs and everyday thoughts from those keeping track can help savvy investors find new and diversified investments to meet their individual goals. offers free-of-charge information in the daily newsletter and other forms so the savvy investor can profit and avoid the events of the past year.

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