Diversified Restaurant Holdings was formed in 2007. Based in Southfield, Michigan, the company is a holding company to AMC Group, Inc., a franchisee of Buffalo Wild Wings, and is also the creator and operator of Bagger Dave’s Legendary Burgers and Fries.

AMC has been opening Buffalo Wild Wings restaurants in the Detroit area and in Florida for years. A few years ago Diversified Restaurant Holdings launched their own restaurant concept in Michigan. It’s called Bagger Dave’s Legendary Burgers and Fries, an ultra-casual restaurant and bar specializing in premium beef and turkey burgers that the company considers the best anywhere.

There are already four Bagger Dave stores in Michigan, and the company plans to open two additional Bagger Dave’s stores in Michigan by the end of 2011. Diversified Restaurant Holdings also plans to franchise the concept throughout the Midwest. In addition to providing premium casual foods, the restaurant creates a fun casual environment, both for sports fans and families. One unique touch is having an electric train run through the ceiling of the bar and dining room, entertaining kids and adults alike.

The company recently announced that Bagger Dave customers can now place takeout orders online at www.BaggerDaves.com. The move to an active online presence is becoming increasingly important to restaurants. Diversified Restaurant Holdings President and CEO, Michael Ansley, commented on the online move. “Industry experience suggests that online ordering capability drives additional takeout sales and does not diminish in-store sales,” he stated. “As we move forward, we plan to offer additional online options, such as mobile web browsing applications for iPhone and android systems and promotional programs designed to further enhance takeout sales. Our new system will also allow us to capture contact information and purchase preferences from our customers which will serve to augment our marketing capabilities.”

The company’s Buffalo Wild Wings (BWW) franchise now totals 21 stores, 14 in Michigan and the rest in Florida. Diversified Restaurant Holdings plans to have at least 38 BWW restaurants in Michigan and Florida by 2017, as part of an Area Development Agreement between the company and Buffalo Wild Wings, Inc. Notably, Diversified Restaurant Holdings is the recipient of many franchise awards, including an award for BWW’s Highest Annual Restaurant Sales.

The unique service model represented by BWW, offering customers the flexibility of ordering at the counter or table and customizing their meal, is designed to meet the changing demands of restaurant customers throughout the day, offering a dine-in dinner, a take-out meal, an afternoon or evening sporting event, or a late-night craving. Guests can watch sporting events or other popular programs on large projection screens and up to 40 additional televisions, including plasmas, and can also play Buzztime Trivia or video games.

For more information, visit the company’s website at www.DiversifiedRestaurantHoldings.com