Gone Too Far, the documentary that DJ AM conceived to help eight drug addicts regain their sober life, aired Monday on MTV exposing shocking footage from the extent of an addiction in young adults, to how it perturbs an entire family and how they handle a time given for rehabilitation.

DJ AM, whose real name was Adam Goldstein was found dead in August at age 36, from what was ruled an accidental drug overdose in his Manhattan apartment. In the TV series he approaches the addicts introducing his own story as a recovering drug addict

The TV series' first episode that aired yesterday featured the story of Amy, a 23 year old heroin addict from Philadelphia that made the decision to enter a rehabilitation center. The series feature DJ AM having direct contact with Amy talking about how she fell into this problem and how the problem ended transforming her life at the point where she believes the only way out is jail or death.

 I want to get her enough clean-time where it's not just a bag of dope we're talking to, Goldstein says of Amy.

Frequently the series shows shocking live footage of Amy doing drugs and moving scenes of her family which often bring DJ AM into tears. In an interview, Amy's brother says he has to lock his room and closet and keep his belongings in a safe to avoid been stolen from Amy. Her sister says she can't recognize her anymore, and her mother,- a woman whose own husband died from drug addiction- is shown going to church to pray in a daily basis as she deals with the fear of losing her daughter.

Towards the end of the episode, Amy is taken to a rehabilitation center in California and DJ AM makes some visits to monitor her progress. At the end of the episode Amy is shown sober, bright, and surprised that she was able to get through that time without heroin.

Watch the first episode of Gone Too Far below: