During an appearance on Sunday on CBS' Face the Nation, Democratic National Committee Chair Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz said it doesn't matter which Republican candidate wins the 2012 presidential nomination because they all share right-wing views dominated by the Tea Party.

It doesn't much matter which one of the Republicans gets nominated because they're all the same, the Florida Democrat said. They are all embracing and bear-hugging the Tea Party. Moving to the right -- they can't move to the right far enough.

When addressing Republican National Committee chair Reince Priebus -- who also appeared on Face the Nation -- Wasserman Schultz said her home state will definitely go to Obama in 2012 because the extremists in the Tea Party control your party.

During the tense discussion, Priebus said Obama is upside down in all the battleground states because he has failed to deliver on any of his promises and has not supported any policies to improve the U.S. economy. Moreover, Priebus said the current field of Republican candidates represent an articulate, intelligent alternative to Obama and said Americans are hungry for real, authentic people to lead this country.

The horsepower, the excitement is on the Republican side of the aisle, he said. The reason why is because people in this country want to save this country economically, and this president isn't doing the trick.